Blockport Allows Bitcoin Deposits, Pursues Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange Model

Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has announced that users will be able to deposit bitcoin with the firm, something which hadn’t been possible up till now. But though traders will now be able to transfer bitcoin to Blockport, the funds will actually be held in a wallet on one of three other crypto exchanges. The unusual setup is the first phase of Blockport’s plan to create a hybrid-decentralized exchange, on which is it working with blockchain technology firm Ark.

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Binance’s New ICO Platform Ready for Takeoff

Binance will be holding initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the firm’s token sale platform Launchpad nearly every month in 2019. TRON’s BitTorrent and are two of the ICOs slated to be offered in 2019.

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Coinbase Pro Announces Zcash Listing

It’s now Zcash’s turn to join the line-up at Coinbase Pro. The exchange announced on November 29th it was adding support for the privacy coin. The Zcash listing had been under consideration since July.

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Binance Reportedly Closing Down Accounts Across Europe

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is warning users in multiple countries in Europe that it will be closing their accounts on short notice. Most of the users reporting the issue come from non-European Union countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Bakkt Delays Launch As Crypto Markets Crash to New 2018 Lows

Bakkt, the cryptocurrency trading platform created by financial industry giant Intercontinental Exchange, announced on November 20th that it has delayed its launch of Bitcoin (BTC) futures trading to January. The news comes as prices of cryptocurrencies are crashing across the board and hitting new 2018 lows.

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