Will Portland’s ‘Rose Lanes’ be safe for cycling? New research offers clues

How safe is it for bicycle riders to share a “transit only” lane with bus and streetcar operators?

That’s a relevant question in Portland because the Rose Lane Project — a plan being considered by the City Council Thursday (2/13) — would see the implementation of just such an arrangement on local roads. And the answer is now a bit clearer thanks to new research from University of Pittsburgh, which found that bicycle users are safer in lanes they share with mass transit operators than those they share with car and truck drivers.


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Metro task force ponders how to raise billions for bond measure

Now that Metro’s 2020 Transportation Funding Task Force has decided which projects to fund, they need to figure out how to pay for them…

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Big week ahead for Metro’s transportation funding measure

With the holiday break now firmly in the rear view mirror, Metro is returning to work on its planned November 2020 transportation ballot measure with three meetings scheduled for the next week that will give Portlanders a chance to share their opinions about the nearly $4 billion proposal…

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Community members show up and speak up about new light rail station in CID

Community interest in the new light rail station planned for the Chinatown-International District (CID) was high on March 13, as greater-than-expected attendance at a public meeting at Union Station forced organizers to open additional rooms to make space for attendees. Billed as a “community workshop,” the hearing was organized by Sound Transit as a way to inform and gather feedback from the public about this major transit project which will shape the future of the growing neighborhood for decades to come.


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