The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Looms

I’ve got a new post up over on Substack about the Ukrainian counteroffensive and my observations and thoughts after being here in Ukraine for last two months. This will be the first of a series of weekly dispatches that I’ll be writing from now on.

The situation is getting more tense here in Kyiv, with attacks increasing across the country amid widespread speculation about when the Ukrainians will start their attack. I was up late last night when the air sirens started going off. I poked my head out of the window and heard a lot strange sounds in the sky. Then the reports started coming in on social media that there had been a drone attack which resulted in several explosions and five injuries in the city.

According to Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitchko, the Russians sent over 36 drones last night, the vast majority of which got shot down. This confirms a pattern that started a week ago where they send a barrage of these little care packages every other night. Last night was the first time in months that they caused casualties.

When I first came here, I thought the counteroffensive would have already started by now. But then there was a lot of rain and those leaked intelligence documents, which I think together slowed things down. It was fortunate for me, as it gave me time to get adjusted to the situation here under quieter and calmer circumstances.

I think everyone is going to start hearing a lot more about Ukraine in the coming weeks. With luck things will go well. Whatever happens, I’ll be writing about it.

Check out the post here–The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Looms: The next phase of the war is important but it won’t end the conflict

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